Payroll & CIS

If you have or are going to have employees working for you, then it is important that you comply with HMRC requirements whilst paying your employees the correct monies due for time worked.

The first requirement is to register the company for a payroll, this means that you now become a Tax Collector! With this you must set up the necessary record cards and information sheets or buy a computerised Payroll system. With instant online filing, it is even more important to ensure your records are correct and timely.

Alternatively, ask SBA, for a very modest monthly charge, to establish a Payroll system within our Payroll Bureau, and apart from informing us of the employee details you can leave the rest to us.

Payrolls can be weekly, monthly or in combination; payslips are provided as required, and can include complexities such as pension contributions, deduction of earnings, maternity pay etcetera.

If you are going to use subcontractors and are working in certain construction industries, you may find that you will need to register and pay their tax in much the same way as payroll. Again, SBA can help you set up and administer this.

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