Business Plans and Budgeting

Planning For Success

Banks and other agencies often require a business plan, especially if they are offering financial assistance. However the new business owner may also find that such a document may aid the progress of the new venture.

Whilst a cash flow projection is generally the end result of doing a Business Plan, the plan itself can be a very sophisticated document but provides an essential synopsis of the business, i.e. its aims, its products, the market place, the sales potential.

It must show the essential cost of providing the product/service, or business running costs. From these can be established break even points and hence potential profit. Most major banks have both manual and computer packages available to help you to do this, or let SBA help you along the way.

Most new businesses face financial constraints, and various forms of budgeting can help ensure that those funds are efficiently utilised and identify critical points of success or pressures. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your business will thrive, we will help you as much as possible to ensure that it does.

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