Taxes and Investigations

Individuals, partnerships and companies will normally be asked to complete a Tax Return each year in order to tell HMRC how much tax they owe. These must be completed on time or automatic penalties will be issued.

As part of our service, SBA will complete these forms, along with the tax calculation, after a short interview discussing your income and expenses throughout the year.

We will then submit this to HMRC on your behalf and tell you how much tax you need to pay, or reclaim. HMRC will normally talk to us regarding issues with your tax return, reducing the contact time you will need to have with them.

Although we cannot help you evade tax, we can advise you whenever possible on areas where you may be able to save on tax.

Even when you have to pay those taxes, you can be assured that we will try to ensure the records and statements declared are as accurate and as true as we can make them, minimising the possibility of an investigation.

In the event that you are chosen for investigation, as random selections are made throughout the year, we can talk to the authorities as much as possible on your behalf and minimising stress.


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